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Precision Double Spiral Knife Sheet Cutter Machine ( Synchro-Fly Twin Knife Sheet Cutter Machine )

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  • Port:Tianjin
Hebei Zhiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd
Hebei, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 0%
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Model No.: 1400mm/700mm/1900mm Brand: Zhiyuan Place of Origin: China

ZY-1400/1700S precision double spiral knife sheet cutter machine is high precision, stable operation, energy saving and high efficiency new product.It is widely used in card paper, copper plate paper, Kraft paper, culture paper, double glue paper, high-light photo paper, gold and silver card paper, aluminum foil, laser laser paper, tobacco and alcohol wrapping paper, etc..The cutter roll adopts synchro-fly twin knife ,small cutting force, clean section of paper, high efficiency, smooth rotation; German precision bearings and cutting knives, high cutting accuracy;Touch computer interface control, easy to operate; Reasonable design of reflexes, can effectively remove the curl of the paper, make the paper more flat, more conducive to the stability of the paper tension.ZY series high precision double spiral knife sheet cutter is a high efficiency, high precision, high stability paper processing equipment. For the cut paper does not need to be repaired, you can directly put on the printing press, effectively improve the economy, reduce the production cost, and is currently commonly used paper processing machinery in the paper industry and printing industry.


Main feature 

1, servo motor drive cutting paper, the entire machine is controlled by Siemens PLC program, optional touch screen interface, display all functional data, make the operation simple and convenient.

2, The reel stand adopts a top cone type non-axle paper frame hydraulic system, and the paper arm is opened and closed ,moved and lifted before and after by a pressure cylinder .

3, The whole set of electrical components are imported products, which greatly improves the stability of the electrical system and reduces the frequency and difficulty of maintenance and overhaul.

4, CNC precision processing machine frame and some components to ensure the accuracy of key parts, ensure the stability of the machine, long-term rapid operation.

5, Automatic counting and label inserting device, when enters the set value in the human-machine interface, the machine will be achieved automatic marking after accurate counting ,accurate and fast.

6, The transmission system adopts advanced alloy processing without gap gears, processing accuracy level 4, a large number of high torque synchronous belts, reducing noise pollution, and improving the convenience of maintenance: excellent imported NSK bearings, reducing the vibration and noise of the entire machine under high-speed operation. Make sure cutting the paper stable.

7, Provide long-term and complete technical training, fast and free maintenance for up to one year, to ensure that customers can fully grasp the computer cutting machine, fully play the proper effectiveness of the cutting machine production.


Main part characteristics:

1, Using oil pressure control paper arm opening and closing, and moving and lifting before and after, can make the lifting and moving smoothly and quickly, the operation is more convenient.

2, The upper and lower double spiral knife group adopts the imported advanced processing center to process the spiral knife slot with high accuracy and good stability. High-quality gearbox, using no-gap design gear, low tooth noise, twice the life of the traditional gearbox; The fine ductile cast iron cast walls and support parts, after the aging treatment, and then from the imported large-scale three-dimensional processing center processing, the accuracy level requirements are high, the operation of the entire machine is more stable and reliable.

3, Transmission part:

Adjustable synchronous decelerating wheel, easy operation, precise structure, decelerating wheel adopts synchronous power and adds a speed reduction band, so that no violent impact during the formation of high and low speed stack paper, and it is easy to row paper,good effect, no traces, no spots.

4, Anti-curve device

The reasonable design can effectively remove the curl of the paper, make the paper more flat, and more conducive to the stability of the paper tension.


Exploded view


All configuration is for reference only. The configuration at the time of signing the contract is subject to the customer. Any minor changes are not subject to notice

Installation and Guarantee


If the buyer need our factory to send engineer go to install, the buyer will cover all expenses of engineers visiting including visa application, round-trip tickets, local transportation, meals and loading expenses. Free installation and training duration is 5 days. Extra installation and training cost will US$100 per day per person. The buyer need ask for one interpreter for our engineer.



One year guarantee after the buyer received the machine. The manufacture provides the spare free during the one year guarantee.

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