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Board Stacker

  • Min. Order:1 Set(s)
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  • Port:Tianjin
Hebei Zhiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd
Hebei, China
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Main Products: Hardboard Production Line, Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand, Automaticside Alignment Machine, Pre-heater, Glue Machine, Compactor, Heating part, Traction And Slitting Machine
Model No.: 1400mm/1600mm/1800mm Brand: Zhiyuan Place of Origin: China

HARDBOARD PRODUCTION LINE - steam/electric heating




This cardboard composite production line is suitable for transferring 2-6 layers of 60-600g/m² roll grayboard paper through hydraulic paper support, overhead bridge transportation, edge alignment, preheating, gluing, bonding, shaping, traction, and separation. Cutting, cross-cutting, and delivery table and other processes are combined into the required thick cardboard of various thicknesses and specifications. The production line has many characteristics such as reasonable design, compact structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation and maintenance, energy saving, etc., which makes up for many shortcomings of single-machine manual pasting, greatly reducing production costs, improving product quality, and flatness to cardboard , Stiffness, surface finish, bonding strength, etc. have been greatly improved, it is an ideal equipment for making cardboard.



Design speed: 120m/min

Economic speed: 50-100m/min

 Working width:1400/1600/ 1800mm

Power supply: 380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire system

The amount of glue used: about 15-30g per square meter per layer (the specific amount of glue is closely related to the customer's paper quality)

*Equipment Direction:Left or Right transmission will be according to client’s requirements

All explanation power of the relevant parameters and images belong to our company,if there is any change, without prior notice



*Air compressor,air pipe line and e pipeline

*Main power, electric wire from operate box to main power

*Water supply, pipeline and barrel

*Water, electric and gas, main ground foundation

*Test machine use Raw materials ( paper roll, corn starch, caustic soda, sodium borax) to test machinery

*Machine use oil, lubricate oil,high temperature cream and lubricate oil

*Installing engineer’s food, hotel,commission and supply enough workers to help installing and test machine.

*Boiler 1T supply by customer



Manual one/two layers board stacker


Characteristics of structure

*PLC control output, automatic counting, automatic horizontal output cardboard

* The conveying channel is longer to facilitate the accumulation of buffer cardboard at high speed, to avoid cardboard damage.

* The whole wide belt conveying, paper feeding neat, stable

* Automatic counting detection control can also be manually pushed to realize batch action, and can automatically cycle accumulation control.

* Transmission motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor, and the production line synchronization.


Machine Technical Parameter:

Working Width


Design Speed


Working Speed


Max Length of Stacking   


Max Height of Stacking       


Main Feeding Frequency Motor


Transverse Direction Motor


Traveling Motor



Hanging basket over paper collecting table

(double layer Fully automatic)


The main role of this machine is to stack the cut paperboard to the requirements height, and eliminate paper sheets to meet the requirements. The number of sheets and heights can be set, and the automatic tissue function is used. The machine is mainly composed of a conveying unit, a push section, a flip portion, a stacking section, a lifting portion, and the like. The whole machine uses variable frequency control.


Technical parameter

* Workwift width: 1400/1600/1800/2000mm

* Maximum paper transfer speed: 120m / min

* Maximum paper tightening: 1600mm

* Maximum paper length: 1500mm

* Minimum paper length: 500mm

* Working power supply: voltage 380V frequency 50Hz

* Overall shape size: 13000mm × 2500mm × 2400mm (length × width × height)


Structural features:

* Automatic counting function of imported photoelectric switch

* Automatic flipping, saving manual.

* Automatic upgrading, automatic interpolation


Raw materials and external purchases

* Main bridge slot steel production site: Ji Ingang

* Training roller material: 20 steel production site: Ji Ingang

* Main bearings:  C & U .

* Take a seat bearing  : FGJ.

* Pneumatic components: Dong Te

Production: Zhejiang

* Motor class: RV reducer

origin: Jiangsu

* Electrical Appliance: Zhengtai

* Inverter: 2.2 kW  brand ABB


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